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Come See Us at the New York Fancy Food Show!

Oasis Bags will be exhibiting at the New York Fancy Food Show from June 28-30 at booth #4869. Come by and get a free stylish reusable bag!

DC Votes for 5-Cent Bag Tax

Yesterday [June 2, 2009] the D.C. Council unanimously voted to assess a 5-cent tax on paper and plastic bags. The proposal will be voted on again later this month before it becomes law. The bag legislation will be called the Anacostia River Cleanup and Protection Act, and businesses would keep a penny for each bag sold and the remaining four cents would go to a fund to clean up the river. If businesses offer a discount to consumers who bring reusable bags, they would get to keep two cents of each bag sold. Although there has been talks from major cities with similar proposals (New York, Seattle), San Francisco is still the only large city in the US that has banned plastic bags. For more on this, please go to:

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