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Whole Foods Magazine Feature!

Hi All, First off, Happy Earth Day! We are very proud to have been featured in the Eco-Friendly Products article for the April issue of WholeFoods Magazine. Check it out for some great green home tips!

40th Anniversary of Earth Day

Please read an important message below.. a way you can help on Earth Day!


This year marks the 40th anniversary of Earth Day, when 20 million Americans flooded the streets and demanded environmental accountability from leaders in Washington. While great progress has been made since, today brings new challenges posed by climate change and an addiction to fossil fuels. To address these threats, we must fundamentally change the way we innovate, produce and consume. This simply will not happen until Congress passes a comprehensive climate and clean energy bill to rebuild our economy, secure energy independence, and address the climate crisis. April 25 is our chance to demand accountability from Congress.  Americans from all walks of life will gather for the Climate Rally on the National Mall in Washington, DC. There, we will demand that our leaders pass strong climate legislation that benefits all Americans while sending a powerful message to the polluter lobby: we’ve had enough of dirty power, the time for change is now. Help us motivate Congress by signing this petition. During The Climate Rally, your name will appear in lights – all signers will be displayed to the crowd, and to Congress, in a visualization of the power behind America’s call for fair, ambitious and comprehensive climate legislation.

Ban Plastic Bags in Your City!

It’s time plastic bags went the way of the dinosaur – extinct! These disposable, toxic bags are an environmental hazard and a consumer of oil. We are collectively using about 12 million barrels of oil to produce the plastic bags that are used each year. That’s outrageous. Help put an end to this unnecessary pollution. Write a petition letter using this link to your city council member and encourage them to ban plastic bags in your community.
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