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{Friday Favourite} McDonald's Designer-Made Coffee Cups

McDonald’s France commissioned Paris-based industrial designerPatrick Norguet to design a set of reusable cups for its new range of premium roasted coffee. The cups are each made of ceramic and feature a band in six different colors—that not only makes it easier to grip, but also protects users’ hands from the hot beverage. The fast-food giant hopes to give these away for free when customers try out their new roasted coffee.

{Friday Favourite} The Eco-Amp

Need portable iPhone speakers for picnics, the office or the beach? Check out the Eco-Amp made out of FSC Certified 100% Post Consumer paper. A package of 2 costs just $7.99. It is easy to assemble but be careful to keep it far from the pool or ocean!

{Friday Favourite} Modern Stripe Vase

These vases are handmade in Vancouver, Canada by dahlhaus ceramics. They are available in several colours and are perfect for small sets of blooms.

{Friday Favourite} The Seven Year Pen

Not only do we love the fun designs on Seltzer’s “Seven Year Pen” collection, but obviously the fact that their long life minimizes junkyard waste.
Rather than join the 100 million pens discarded every day, The Seven Year Pen can write 1.7 meters a day for seven years.

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