Visit Us at CHFA West 2017!

See what’s new with Oasis Bags at CHFA West 2017 in Vancouver on April 8-9! Feel free to message our team in advance to coordinate a meeting or just pop by the booth.

Summer Blitz on style OTB1!

Our most popular tote, style OTB1 is being offered at an incredible price!  Contact us today to get your personalized tote bag within 2-4 weeks SummerSale2014-OTB1-WEBeng

Come See Us at FMI Connect 2014!

Oasis Bags will be exhibiting at FMI Connect 2014 June 11-12 at booth#4079.  Come by and get a free stylish reusable bag!

Happy Earth Day!

Earth.-Day-and-night This Earth Day, more than ever, it is important to take a moment to think about the past, present and future of Earth.  Recently, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released a report stating that the environment is in worse condition than previously thought and that we must act quickly to reverse the harmful effects from over consumption and use of dirty energy. According to the UK’s energy and climate secretary, Ed Davey, “the [report shows] the tools we need to tackle climate change are available, but international efforts need to significantly increase.” WWF’s Samantha Smith says: “The IPCC report makes clear that acting on emissions now is affordable, but delaying further increases the costs. It is a super strong signal to [fossil fuel] investors: they can no longer say they did not know the risks.” It is important to remember that each environmentally conscious act makes a difference, no matter how small.  An ongoing conversation that builds and builds can be the catalyst that turns everything around.  We can no longer ignore that a drastic change must occur. Today, Oasis Bags would like to wish you a Happy Earth Day and encourage you to speak with those around you about ways each of us can relieve our carbon footprint and what you wish larger corporations would do to turn things around.     We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children. – Native American Proverb

Vote for Oasis Bags!

We’ve entered Oasis Bags for a $10,000 ADP grant ( in the hopes that it will help fund research and development of our new e-commerce packaging solution.   We’d love if you could vote for our company and SHARE it with your family, friends and customers who may be interested in supporting us as we grow.   Voting ends at the end of this month and you can vote every day! It’s easy to register to vote, either through twitter, facebook, linkedin or creating a profile.  Thank you for your support!

Great Recycling Project in Barbados with Future Center Trust

Our vice-president, Robin, recently had the pleasure of working and visiting with Future Center Trust (FCT), a charitable Non-Governmental Organization based in Barbados that strives to stimulate awareness and action within communities towards environmental sustainability. In the past, FCT had worked with middle income neighborhoods and a variety of schools  to educate on and facilitate recycling.  While interviewing rural schools however, they quickly realized that 90% of their children either take the bus or walk to school each day (unlike their counterparts in the city who live close by or who are driven).  This posed a challenge in arranging for children to be interested in safely bringing plastics and metals to school. The purpose of our collaboration was to create a reusable bag that would encourage children to bring their recyclable materials from home to a recycling bin located at their school.  FCT reports that the bags have been a great success!  The children love using them and the information that is playfully printed on the bags is easy to read, motivational and helps educate parents. We are grateful to be part of such a wonderful initiative and thank A. Dacosta Edwards Primary school and Vicky Merrick from CORE Network for being such gracious hosts to Robin!

Plan an Eco-Friendly Picnic

Green Picnic Tips | Oasis BagsIn Eastern Canada, this is the first week of truly spring weather.  We got stuck with a late winter this year, so now that the sun is shining and t-shirt weather is upon us, everyone is eager to get outside and have some fun in the sun! One of my favorite things to do on a beautiful sunny day is to grab my daughter and some friends and have a picnic in the park. Even something as simple as a picnic can increase your footprint on the environment though.  Here are some tricks to help plan an eco-friendly picnic: Package Your Food… over and over and over again! Instead of sandwich bags, opt for glass containers.  Your picnic bag will be a little heavier, but the plus side is a) You’ll be toning those arm muscles, b) There is  zero chance that your food is will be squished, c) Glass containers are toxic free, unlike most plastic containers and d) You can reuse the same container for years. *Note: Bring your regular (washable) utensils instead of plastic. You’ll be taking home some stuff anyways, so why not reuse your utensils and save the landfill from single use forks and knives? Carry Your Things Wisely Cotton and propylene bags are very resilient – they can carry a lot of weight and last for over 300 uses.  Rather than buying a picnic basket, use your reusable tote for carrying your food.  It’s also a great way to lug around frisbees, rollerblades and blankets.  Swing it over your shoulder and away you go! Prepare your Liquids Instead of bringing bottled water, bring a large jug of water that you can distribute between reusable canisters.  Or, fill up mason jars and bring those along. Once again, by using glass, you are avoiding tons of toxins that will poison your water.  I love to add cucumber and mint to my jug the night before to give a refreshing twist to my water. Buy Locally! During this season, local markets are buzzing with delicious and fresh goods.  Not only are you supporting local farmers, but you are ensuring that your food is fresh and high quality.  Being able to meet and speak with growers can also be a very enlightening experience! What is your favorite thing to add to a picnic? -Kristin

Happy Earth Day!

Earth Day 2013 | Oasis Bags Celebrate Earth Day with others in your community. Earth Day Canada, and EPA are great resources for event listings and DIY ways to help the environment. If you can’t get outside today, try joining EPA’s Twitter Chat at 2pm EST: “Climate Change: What You Can Do”. To participate, at the starting time, sign into your Twitter account and submit a question on the topic using hashtag #AskEPA. Happy Earth Day!  

Featured in Rogers Connected in Business

It has been a month filled with exciting news at Oasis Bags. First, we were featured in a Nelson Education textbook, now we are ending the month with a feature in Rogers Connected in Business magazine.

Untitled Rogers Connected in Business MagazineThank you Vickie Reichardt for the write up and Marc Rimmer for the photos.

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