Great Recycling Project in Barbados with Future Center Trust

Our vice-president, Robin, recently had the pleasure of working and visiting with Future Center Trust (FCT), a charitable Non-Governmental Organization based in Barbados that strives to stimulate awareness and action within communities towards environmental sustainability. In the past, FCT had worked with middle income neighborhoods and a variety of schools  to educate on and facilitate recycling.  While interviewing rural schools however, they quickly realized that 90% of their children either take the bus or walk to school each day (unlike their counterparts in the city who live close by or who are driven).  This posed a challenge in arranging for children to be interested in safely bringing plastics and metals to school. The purpose of our collaboration was to create a reusable bag that would encourage children to bring their recyclable materials from home to a recycling bin located at their school.  FCT reports that the bags have been a great success!  The children love using them and the information that is playfully printed on the bags is easy to read, motivational and helps educate parents. We are grateful to be part of such a wonderful initiative and thank A. Dacosta Edwards Primary school and Vicky Merrick from CORE Network for being such gracious hosts to Robin!
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